All In One Hosted PMS

Hotel Director - User Manual

Getting Started

One of the objectives of web interface design was to simulate a desktop environment. On the web desktop you can find shortcuts to some windows but all the windows are accessible through start menu which is similar to start menu available in ms windows.
The objective of the director interface is to give a dashboard view for hotel owner or executives of the hotel.


Monthly Revenue.

This will display monthly revenue for last 12 months. This is a quick view on how to hotel has performed during last 12 months.

Daily Revenue.


Display shows the daily revenue of the last two weeks.

Revenue by Category

It could be interesting to know breakdown of the monthly revenue. This windows shows an graphical view of revenue types and their individual amount graphically.

Room Utilization

The windows lets you to view which type of rooms are utilized most. It will show room utilization in terms of no of checkins on each type of rooms for last month.