All In One Hosted PMS

Front Desk - User Manual

Getting Started

One of the objectives of web interface design was to simulate a desktop environment. On the web desktop you can find shortcuts to some windows but all the windows are accessible through start menu which is similar to start menu available in ms windows.
To login to the Hotel administrator, first you need a username and password of the hotel frontdesk which will be provided by hotel administrator

Checkin and Reservations

One of the primary functionalities of frontdesk is making checkins and reservations.  If the gust is visiting for the first time you can save his information to the property management system, if he is a recurrent user, you can simply search his information based on parameters like name or id number. If the guest is already having a reservation you can select his reservation and load it for checkin.
Once you select the number of adults and children, only applicable room types will be displayed under “room types”. Once you enter checkin date and checkout date it will show you only available room numbers under the “Room No”.
To checkin a guest, it is required to save guest information (if guest is a first time visitor). To save a gust information first you need to check customer name (or name and ID) and press search to check whether a customer has visited the hotel previously. If guest information is not available you can you enter the information complete guest information and press save.
Once you’ve saved, you can enter other information required to check in the guest. Only after you have filled all the information, both reserve and checkin buttons will be enabled. You can press checkin button to check in or press reservation to reserve the room.
If guest is acquired through an agent and required to give a commission, button “Agent Code” at the bottom can be used to add agent code, so that this will add commission to relevant agent. This rate can be defined per agent by the hotel administrator.

Customer ID: Automatically generated Unique ID assigned to guest, this filed cannot be edited.
First Name: First name of the guest
Company: optional filed of guests company.
City: optional filed of guests city.
Country: country of the guest.
Last Name: last name of the guest.
ID type: Identification type which was created by hotel admin under “Create Identification types”.
ID number: Once you select the identification type you can enter the ID number.
DOB : Date of birth of the guest.
Remarks: You can include any additional information about the guest to view later.

View Reservations.

Under the view reservation window, you can view all the reservations active in the system. Reservations could be made thorough fontdesk or agent web portals or websites.  If frontdesk needs to checkin the reservation, you have to select the reservation and then press check in.  Then  checkin windows will be loaded with all the information of the reservation.  you can edit anything information before proceeding to checkin.

View Room Status.

this window lets you view timeline view of availability  of the room with room types.

View Floor Layout.

View floor layout window shows the room status of your hotel. It will indicate whether the room is occupied vacant, dirty or out of order. Room status can be of any type as shown in the toolbar at bottom.

Check Out

In addition to checking out a guest, Checkout window can be used to list the entire list of current checkins on the hotel management system. If you need a checkout a guest you need to select a checkin and press the checkout button. If you are trying to check out the same date as date specified in guest checkout date, it will open a invoice to be printed. If you need to checkout a guest earlier or later than systems checkout date it will give you an alarm to adjust a bill according to current date or previously given date.

The bill shows detail cost items such as room charges, phone charge, wifi charges and any other services he used during his stay. It is possible to perform following activities using the buttons on toobar located at the bottom of the window.
Print: you can use the print button to print the invoice. It will open your pcs default printer to print the invoice.
Make Payment: You can make a payment against the guest using Make payment button.

Checkout: If you still need to checkout you can click on the checkout button. Once you press the checkout button, system will check whether guest account has sufficient balance to deduct the bill amount, if it has sufficient balance, it will deduct the guest account and complete the checkout. If it doesn’t have sufficient balance it will alert you with a message to proceed. If you proceeded, guest account will turn negative.


Edit Guest Detail.

One you have added a guest to your hotel database, you can use this method to edit his information such as remarks or any other personal information.

You can use the delete button to delete the guest from the system. To edit the guest detail you either double click on the guest information row or click on edit button after selecting the guest.
In addition to the fields you added during guest creation, there is some other additional information available on this window listed as bellow.
Account Balance: Current account balance of the customer, this amount will be incremented when you making payments to checkin that customer currently attached. This value will be decremented by an equivalent value to bill when you checkout the guest.
Billing Threshold: It is possible to set an alert (as an email) if the guest current bill exceed the specified billing threshold. In such cases you can ask him to pay an advance amount to low the current account balance below the threshold level. If the guest is trustworthy, you can increase the billing threshold for this guest.
Loyalty points: display guests current loyalty points. Loyalty points will be added, in amount equal to percentage defined by hotel administrator at guest checkout.
Added by type:  This filed indicates who has added the guest on the system. Guest “Added by Type” can be of bellow three types

  • Frontdesk : guest is added by the frontdesk during checkin process reservation process.
  • Agent portal: Guest added by an agent through web portal given to them.
  • Webcode: Guest added by a web code of an agent. Guest has added himself through website of the agent.

Added by: this filed will display the staff number if the “Added by type” is equal to frontdesk.  This filed will be equal to agent number if the “Added by type” field is equal to agent number.
Last Trans Date: Date of the last transaction such as checkout.

Edit Checkins

Using edit checkins you can edit parameters related to checkins.  In addition to that most of operations related to current checkin’s will be performed in this window.

Create Group:  by default room to room telephone extension dialing is not allowed. But this needs to be allowed for guests who are in the same group. In such case you need to select the all the checkins and press create a group. Then system will allow extension dialing between rooms in those checkins.
Add to Bill Item:  In case frontdesk needs to add a predefined item to guest bill, it is possible to do by using add to bill item after selecting the required checkin.

Before selecting an item, it is required to select and item category from “Select Category”, then list of items under the selected category will be displayed. To add the item to guest bill you need to select the item and click add item. This will prompt for the number of items to be added. Once the amount of items is added, it will add the amount after multiplying the item value by number of items.
If you need to add an item that is not in the any category of charges, you can add customized charge by clicking “Add Custom Charge”.

You should enter the name of the item that should be appeared on the bill and value.
Add Discount:  Discount can be added as percentage or fixed amount by selecting preferred option.

View Transaction

This submenu allows you to edit and view detailed information of cost items in the phone bill.
Call Detail
call detail will display information such as caller number, called number, duration of the call and rate applied and charge per each call.

Mini bar Items
Minibar items submenu can be used to view minibar items added to guest bill. Frontdesk operator can delete the item if required.

Add to bill Items
This menu can be used to view and delete any add to bill items items added by frontdesk or any service outlets.

Other Charges
This can be used to view and delete any custom charges added by frontdesk.

This window can be used to view wifi packages that the guest has selected and status of package he has used

Refresh: can be used to refresh package information such as quota usage etc.
Lotgout: if the logging status of the guest is active you can force logout the guest, where he will be redirected to portal page again.
View Detail: details such as duration of each login of the package selected
Discounts: You can view or edit any discount added to guest current checkin.

Edit Reservation

Reservation can be edited or deleted using the windows. A selected reservation can be deleted using the delete button. To edit the reservation you can ether double click on the reservation or press the edit button once reservation is selected.