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Service Outlet - User Manual

Getting Started

The main function of service outlet is add items to guest bills at pos stations within the hotel. Web interface is designed to be similar to desktop environment.  

Add item to bill

At the hotels service outlets it is convenient to ask the guest for room number other than any information.  

Just bellow the title bar “Enter Room Number and Press Search”, there is  a list of rooms which active checkins. You cans use the same list to select the room number and press show guest to display guest information.  once you have selected the guest, next step is to select the item that should be added to the bill.

Add Item by Code

First method to select the item is to enter the item code directly on the window. This would be relatively easy if you remember the item code. To go into the mode “Enter Item code”, you need to click the title bar with “Enter Item Code”, Then it will expand the view to enter the item code.

Search and Add Item.
In order to get this mode, you can press the title “Search for an Item Code” and it will expand the search box with item categories. These categories should be allowed by hotel admin by serviceoutlet settings.
Once you selecte the item category at the left side list, it will list the items under that category on the middle box. Once you select the correct item you can press the add button in the right hand side box.