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Travel Agent - User Manual

Getting Started

The main objective of the travel agent interface is to make the room reservation of the hotel by an external agent. Hotel agents can be of both web portal agents and web codes. This document describes how a web portal hotel agent can reserve hotel rooms through the web portal.  Commissions will be calculated and added to agent’s portal if any reservation made is successfully checked in.
Following diagram shows a hotel agent web desktop and it’s components.

Make Reservation.

The reservation window can be used to make reservations for the hotel. Agent should first input guest information under the customer information and reservation information can be entered at the room information block.

Customer ID: Automatically generated Unique ID assigned to guest, this filed cannot be edited.
First Name: First name of the guest
Company: optional filed for Guest’s Company.
City: optional filed of guests city.
Country: country of the guest.
Last Name: last name of the guest.
ID type: Identification type which was created by hotel admin under “Create Identification types”.
ID number: Once you select the identification type you can enter the ID number.
DOB : Date of birth of the guest.
Remarks: You can include any additional information about the guest to view later.
No of Adults: Use this field to filter room types that can hold only specified number of adults and children. For example if you enter number of adults is 3 and number of children is 1 then you will be shown rooms types that can only hold specified combination of guests.
No of Children: same as above except it specifies the number of children hope to stay in the room to be reserved.
In Date:  reservation in date.
Time In: reservation in time.
Out Date: reservation out date
Time Out: Reservation out time.
Room Type: this list box lists the types of rooms available in the hotel. Once you select the required room type, room numbers filed on right side will be updated with available room numbers of the selected room type.
 Room No:  this lists available room numbers of selected room type.

View Reservation Status.


Reservation status lets hotel agent to view the reservations made by the agent.